Prices starting from $14,249

“A very good solution to the quest for an all-round family boat with club racing.
It also offers fantastic value for money” Yachts & Yachting

All round family favourite:
• Ideal for family sailing and club racing.
• Comfortable capacity for up to 4 crew.
• Stable and reassuring.
• Significant price advantage over comparable classes.
• Very robust, ultra-tough, maintenance free TRILAM construction.

The Magno is a great family boat, with a deep, spacious hull with the capacity to carry a family of four. Two seats for children are positioned at the front of the cockpit and a fibreglass thwart in the centre together with seating on the side of the boat makes this a really roomy choice for a young family.

Add the fact that all Magnos are fitted with a gnav system and the size of the cockpit is even further optimised. The boom is the right height to clear small children and the lightweight pivoting epoxy centreboard makes for easy, family-friendly sailing.

The flotation device, fitted at the head of the sail, removes the risk of total capsize and the furling jib is simple enough for a beginner to use. Righting lines and grab rails are safety features fitted as standard.

TRILAM technology unique to the Topaz range gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.

Sails are available in Dacron for a beginner sailing family or Mylar for more experienced parents teaching children.






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