The ARGO is a really versatile sailboat that although designed specifically for club training is a fantastic family recreational sailboat.

It has comfortable capacity for up to four adult crew. This could be an instructor and up to three pupils or a family of four. The ARGO is also great sailed two-up or even singlehanded. It is the staff favourite here at Topper. The really spacious cockpit and high boom and the all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantee a comfortable and stable sail:

– Spacious and well equipped cockpit.
– High boom for comfort and safety.
– Gnav system as standard means the size of the cockpit is even further optimised.
– CHINE TECHNOLOGY means the ARGO stays afloat when competitors capsize.
– Extra WIDE BEAMY HULL to handle power and guarantee comfort.
– Additional built in buoyancy and high freeboard ensure perfect sailing without the boat taking on water or nose diving.
– Much admired single-line spinnaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries.
– Fantastic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use.
– Roller Reefing Jib.
– Hiking boat with Trapeze option ideal for developing trapeze technique.
– Epoxy foam filled rudder and centreboard for low-weight and maximum stiffness.
– Grab rails and ‘Step On’ righting lines as standard.
– Extension righting rope to give greater leverage to smaller sailors.
– Stayed mast can be left up in dinghy park for quick rig/ de-rig.
– Hinged mast step for easy rigging by just one person.
– Carefully designed combi trailer for an easy-life ashore.
– TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.
– Three year hull warranty.