Simple and Fun
Even the smallest sailor feels safe, comfortable and confident in the superb TAZ. Her ultra-modern good looks will instantly ignite interest. Once on the water, the superbly responsive TAZ comes into her own to delight and win over yet another new convert to the sport of sailing.

Spacious Self Draining Cockpit
The TAZ feels much bigger aboard than she really is. The ‘Topaz-Style’ self draining cockpit is spacious, uncluttered and comfortable. There is more than enough room for teacher and pupil to sail together without feeling cramped or restricted. An extra high boom gives an even greater feeling of space and allows the centreboard to be fitted before you go sailing.

Uniquely rugged construction
The precision moulded TRILAM Metalicene hull construction gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy and stiffness.

Carry Handles
‘Topaz-Style’ Carry Handles are fitted on bow and stern for easy launching and retrieval.

Inspection Hatches
Stowage pouches fit into inspection hatches for storing keys, cold drinks etc.

Proven Lifting Rudder System
The easy to lift rudder system – as used on the Topper – keeps the rugged moulded blade in perfect condition. This sturdy rudder fitting is amongst the best on any production model sailboat.

Easy and quick to rig
Rigging the TAZ could not be any quicker or more simple. Within a matter of minutes you can get the boat rigged and on the water.

Easily cartoppable
The lightweight Taz sailboat is easily cartoppable. Getting the Taz from storage to the water and back is a breeze.

Hassle-free maintenance
The hi-tech roto-moulded polyethylene hull is unsinkable and far stronger and longer lasting than other boats on the market. The hull is virtually indestructible, even against the harshest knocks and scrapes inflicted by novices. But, in the unlikely need of a repair, the workability of polyethylene makes any repairs effortless. Tried and tested Topper Topaz fittings and fixtures ensure that failures are kept to a minimum.

Fast track progression
The TAZ is the perfect introduction to Topper sailing. The renowned Topper Junior Racing Class is well established and recognised by the RYA and ISAF. There is no better Topper apprenticeship than the TAZ.