The TOPAZ System has a number of features that make her exciting, fun, accessible, user friendly, safe, simple, versatile and great value for money:
– Roomy self draining cockpit holds two people of any size.
– Lightweight, high buoyancy hull suitable for young singlehander up to adult and child.
– Great value one or two person sailboat.
– Unbeatable versatility for a boat at this price point.
– Tried and tested resilient Topper components.
– Topaz TRILAM construction gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, and stiffness.
– Topaz TRILAM construction is incredibly durable and virtually maintenance free.

The ‘UNO PLUS’ rig features:
– Reefable mainsail which allows power to be controlled depending on conditions and user ability.
– Inverted leech making it easier to control for newcomers.
– 2-piece mast and simple rig means the boat is easy to assemble.
– The 1.75m2 jib is bigger than competitors designs offering fun sailing for children and adults alike.

The ‘RACE PLUS’ rig features:
– Powerful yet controllable 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail and 1.75m2 jib.

The ‘RACE X’ rig features:
– Powerful yet controllable 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail, 1.75m2 jib AND full-on 9m2 asymmetric gennaker.

The ‘TRES X’ rig features:
– Non-tapered sealed mast with a hinged mast foot that can be rigged singlehandedly.
– Big roach, fully battened mainsail and high aspect ratio jib.
– Retracting pole and single-line hoist and drop Gennaker System.
– Optional Trapeze.
– Gnav System and centre mainsheet cascade for added cockpit space.