New 2019 Magic Marine Collection Out Now!

New Collection 2019 Image.jpg

We are proud to inform you that our 2019 Collection is available now! For the new collection we mainly focused on consistency, we made some small improvements in the current collection and we added a few new items.

We're still very proud of last year's signature products: the Horizon Hiking Long John we developed with Nicholas Heiner and the Aurelian Harness we designed with the help of Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze. And there's more to come in the next few years!

Because there have been a lot of changes in the past few years already our goal is now to work towards a solid base within three clothing series: the Brand Collection, the Ultimate Collection and the Racing Collection. One of the new items we added to expand the basics in our Brand Collection is the Brand Jacket which completes our Brand Trousers. This entry level Foul Weather Gear is for everyone who needs some good basics, the Brand Collection is friendly priced and gives enough comfort to keep you warm and dry.

We also added two navy colored items to our Lifestyle Collection: the Pearl Jacket, which is a bomber style, waterproof jacket and the popular Squall polo!

The only thing we completely changed for the better is our range of big boat accessories. Not only the color of the line has changed, but we also changed the material and all accessories are sorted with a new support system, called the thumlock system.

Want to know more about our changes, upgrades and new items? We'll tell you all about it in this Collection Launch Update!

Our Regatta Drysuit has been given fancy suspenders to make the suit stay where it needs to be. The Element Jackets have now fleece lining pockets with a zipper in stead of Velcro® which makes them safer to store your personal belongings. One other thing to make life on the water pretty easy going is that the zipper for the inside pockets of the Element Jacket can now be reached from the outside, so no need to unzip your jacket when taking anything out during sailing!

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As we mentioned before, one of the new items we're very proud of is the Brand Sailing Jacket which comes in navy and graphite. The new entry level foul weather gear jacket is developed using MTECH2.0 performance technology to create a windproof, waterproof and breathable shell, with a sportive contoured shape for the best fit. The back of the women's version is tailored to be slightly longer creating a more flattering and practical female fit.

The jacket has been designed with durability in mind, with extra panels at the elbows/forearms, and on the bottom of the back. It also features a soft micro fleece lined collar to limit chin rash. The outer cuffs are adjustable to keep the sleeves in the right place and better fit. For safety reasons there are reflective prints on the right upper arm, back neck, chin and a reflective batch on the back of the jacket. The adjustable bright roll-away hooded also include a reflective badge for safety. In the inside of the jacket there is a large internal name label so no one takes your comfortable jacket by mistake!

This jacket has been designed in line with the Brand range so it can be mixed and matched with, for example the Brand Trousers, the products are ideal for printing so teams can coordinate their kit.

Before the 2019 Collection we didn't use the color navy in any of our items, but that's history from now on. Not only the Brand Jacket comes in navy, we also added two new lifestyle items in this dark blue color. The Pearl Jacket is a completely new item in our collection. It's a comfy and warm waterproof jacket, inspired on the style of a bomber jacket. Besides in navy it also comes in the colorway grey.

The Squall Polo is one of our most popular lifestyle items and besides the colors white, bali blue, pool blue and grey it's now also available in navy!

The big boat accessories have a fresh new look! Not only the color has changed, but also the material and the support system. The heavy-duty polyester accessories still have the hook and loop straps you are used to but are also updated with the new thumblock system to fix the accessories easy on the boat. With this thumblock system you can easily take off the accessories to clean them or protect them from UV when you are not using them. For those who don’t want to make holes in their boat, the hook and loop system is perfect! Stick it on the place you want it and it’s fixed without any holes.

Photo Credits: Sailing Energy & Jasper van Staveren