“Topper sailors getting medals at the Olympics would be very gratifying, but at the end of the day it’s the hundreds and hundreds of sailors who are having fun, enjoying it more and more because they are better at it. When these youngsters hit the adult classes, I don’t think the adult classes will quite know what has hit them.” Dave Cockerill, UK RYA National Coach

“Young sailors can really quickly handle the boat well, then they can get on and concentrate on the racing. They are good at tactics and they are good at strategy, much earlier than they would be in a more complicated boat.” RYA National Coach

“These sailors just jump in, get stuck in at marks where the action is. It is simple, inexpensive and fun to sail.” RYA National Coach

“You can have a twenty year old Topper that will go just as fast as a new Topper. It’s an amazingly strong thoroughbred boat.” Martin Fry, Manufacturer

“It’s really easy, you can put it on the roof of your car or put it on a trailer. It takes ten minutes, if that, to rig… great boats to sail. So much fun.” Topper sailor

“The unique construction makes it almost indestructible. It is the ONLY injection moulded racing boat.” Martin Fry, Manufacturer

“The Topper is a great boat. It really is. In terms of junior classes it is one of the only boats where the parents can actually go on the water and sail at the same time as their children.” 
Parent of Topper sailor

“I just really like it as it’s such a competitive class. And there are a lot of nationalities involved… the Irish, English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Americans, Australians… you name it.” Topper sailor

“The standard in the Topper fleet means you can guarantee that most of the single handed champions in Britain and top participants in the Laser Class will have come from the Topper.”
Parent of Topper sailor