“A very good solution to the quest for an all-round family boat with club racing. It also offers fantastic value for money” YACHTS & YACHTING

“Magno is proving its worth as a good all rounder, with stylish good looks and performance to match. It is simple enough for beginners to master, while the asymmetric spinnaker provides additional performance for the more experienced.” DINGHY SAILING MAGAZINE

The Magno is a great family boat, with a deeper, spacious hull which can comfortably fit a family of four. Two seats for children are positioned at the front of the cockpit and a fibreglass thwart in the centre together with seating on the side of the boat makes this a really roomy choice.
“The Magno’s size and construction will provide an affordable option for a family who want to cruise together or introduce children to sailing, but who also want youngsters to experience performance racing together or with friends. Manageable performance is guaranteed with a good turn of speed and exciting asymmetric spinnaker.” DINGHY SAILING MAGAZINE

“The Topaz MAGNO is simplicity itself to rig and launch, and the control systems are child’s play. The boat will appeal to all the family and is user friendly from day one.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“The Magno’s three layer (Trilam Metalicene) system of sandwich construction provides the perfect combination of stiffness durability and moderate weight.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“The Magno carries the largest overall sail area, which gave excellent performance. The zip reefing mainsail is quick and easy to do if things get a bit much and sail area can be further reduced by furling the jib on demand.” DINGHY SAILING MAGAZINE

“Although the Magno carries lightweight well, we found she could take up to four to provide a very good answer to the quest for an all round boat.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“The Magno provides ample built in storage compartments in the cockpit and the transom. An outboard engine can also be added to the transom.” DINGHY SAILING MAGAZINE