The OMEGA is the ultimate family day sailor. She provides you with so many sailing options. She’s equally happy cruising or pottering, racing or blasting. Fast, fun sailing with a gennaker and trapeze or a relaxed day with your family and friends – you decide. The famous Howlett design hull stability means that Omega sailing is always fun and relaxing and drama free.

“The Topaz OMEGA is big, roomy and comfortable enough for all kinds of family sailing, which means it should be equally useful for sailing schools and holiday operators like Sunsail.” Simon Letten SUNSAIL

“The Topaz Omega is now the definitive RYA teaching boat and the ultimate all rounder. The Omega is also my choice of boat for sailing at my local club” Simon Letten SUNSAIL

Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club – 30 Omegas to Sweden’s premier sailing club. “We have had all the boats on the water with our instructors now. Everyone loves the Omega.”

Spanish Sailing Federation’s of Galicia, Andalucia and Murcia – 40 Omegas “The combination of stability and performance is perfect for newcomers and more seasoned sailors alike and the carrying capacity is fantastic.”

Qatar Sailing Federation UAE – “The boats are a great success with loads of young people taking to the water. Had the maiden voyage in gusty conditions and it was much more fun than with our previous classes.”

UK Sailing Centres – Over 200 Omegas – Scottish National SC, Royal Yorkshire YC, Pembroke WS, Carsington S&L, Oxford & DS, Derwent Res, Master Sun, Mark Warner, Medina Valley, Surrey Docks WS, Trafford WS, Southend MA, Royal Victoria Docks, Felixstowe Ferry, Enfield Scouts, Doe Park WAC, Nottingham SC, Neptune YS, Walsall OP, Grangewater OEC, Wirral SC, Grangewater OEC, etc etc.

It’s not only the schools who rate the TOPAZ OMEGA. This is what the yachting experts think:

“So can a polyethylene boat compete against its GRP sisters? YOU BET IT CAN, IT IS JUST AS GOOD TO SAIL, AND MUCH CHEAPER. For the holiday companies and sailing schools which will be major buyers, its price and its longevity should be a big advantage. For them the Topaz Omega’s ability to carry a four man crew comfortably will be another big plus for teaching, while its good performance, its gennaker, and its trapeze option will allow pupils at sailing schools to use it for more advanced classes, as well as just for starting to sail.” YACHTING LIFE

“The boat is big enough to replace a Wayfarer, and its value for money will ensure that it often will. For private buyers its flexibility is impressive, and while it could cruise and motor comfortably under outboard, I would happily race it too, something I didn’t expect. The Topaz Omega is a resounding hit in my book. If you are thinking about a family boat, or a boat to buy for your club or sailing school the Omega should be well up the list.” YACHTING LIFE

“The Omega is quite capable of replacing the current learning boats like the Wayfarer and the Stratos. The polyethylene construction gives the Omega a big price advantage against its longer established competitors, and the knock-proof nature the material means much less maintenance than on GRP boats” YACHTING LIFE

“The Topaz Omega is a boat which pretty much all ages could enjoy – one up, two up, three up, four up or more up. Topper should do very nicely with this one. The Topaz Omega is a superb boat with loads of room, good performance, good looks, excellent systems and fittings at a very good price.” YACHTS and YACHTING

“If you are looking for a modern sailboat that is more than capable of replacing the current learning boats like the Wayfarer and Stratos – then look no further than the new Topaz OMEGA.” DINGHY MAGAZINE

“With a lower purchase price and less maintenance, it already sounds heaven sent for sailing schools and holiday companies. And Topper have got it right first time no question. It sails perefctly and comes ready to go with all the right kit.” DINGHY MAGAZINE

“The OMEGA hits the multi purpose teaching, cruising and racing market on the nail.” DINGHY MAGAZINE