The Topaz 14 is an amazing performance catamaran that provides an attractive combination of performance and control. It was voted best catamarn by Sailing Wolrd in New Zealand and won the prestigious Voiles et Voiliers Coup de Coeur at the Paris Boat Show:

“The Topaz 14 was a bit special”

“When you jump on you immediately know you are going to have a good sail. Feels like a light fast dinghy. Above all, it’s a beautifully behaved boat that would make a great racing class for lighter weight sailors. It’s also a great price” Y&Y

“Forget all those old catamaran preconceptions. Topaz cats are a joy to flick from tack to tack” Y&Y

“The Topaz 16 was the first cat to bridge the gap between low cost rotomoulded hull construction and true performance cat sailing, a feat emulated by the smaller 14”

“The ride of a lifetime” Y&Y

“On the water it feels stiffer, lighter and more dynamic than any rotomoulded cat produced by Dart or Hobie, with taut feedback that qualifies as ‘true performance’ sailing” Y&Y

“Pedigree is what counts, Rob White and Yves Loday have put decades of experience into the Topaz cats” Y&Y