The Topaz XENON is a hiking boat which offers exhilarating performance, bags of fun – yet is user friendly, controllable, forgiving and great value for money. But don’t just take our word for it:

“It was a delight to sail the production Xenon on a fine summer’s day. The Xenon has all the makings of a dual purpose boat. It has great potential as a one design racing class with good looks, enjoyable performance and a well sorted platform. The beamy hull is stable, with plenty of room for the crew. The unexpected face of the Xenon is that it could also be a really nice general purpose boat for family sailing.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“With its combination of power and ease of handling, plus its status as the boat of choice for the Endeavour Trophy, the Xenon looks set to become a modern classic club racer. If it is good enough for the best of the best it is certainly good enough for me.” DINGHY MAGAZINE

“From the moment I stepped into the Xenon, its uncompromising stability became immediately apparent. The stability certainly reflects in the sailing performance; upwind the boat feels well balanced, whilst downwind the sizeable gennaker gives significant extra power without feeling intimidating. The Xenon also planes readily and perks up in the smallest of gusts. Gybing downwind is a pleasure, with the chined hull digging into the water allowing you to roll the boat and perform the manoeuvre without even thinking about it.” DINGHY MAGAZINE

“Topper’s Xenon is the widest dinghy ever made by rotomoulding, but this is not just another cruisy plastic boat. The Xenon Sport rig comes with jib, mylar main and a black kite, and was selected as the one-design for the Endeavour ‘champion of champions’ Trophy.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“The 2005 Endeavour Trophy proved a great success, with the event being completely rejuvenated, primarily due to a change of boat. This year the boat selected for the event was the new Topaz Xenon. Topper’s fantastic support included providing new boats for everyone at the event, certainly a brave way to introduce their new Xenon, i.e. let 26 National Champions race them at this prestigious championship and then see what they think of the boat. However, Topper pulled it off, with very positive comments at the end of the series, and having pre sold all the boats, the new owners arrived at the Royal Corinthian, eager to get their hands on their new race machines.” YACHT & YACHTING

“Formidable style… Precise well mannered and easy to drive upwind with good speed and excellent stability. Best of all the Topaz Xenon has a knockout price which looks great value.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“Huge price advantage over older competitors like the 2000 and 400.” YACHTS & YACHTING

“If its good enough for the champion of champions then its good enough for me.”DINGHY MAGAZINE

“More bangs per buck” DINGHY

“Great value for money” Y&Y

“A design classic in the making” Y&Y

“A design classic” DINGHY